Monday, December 16, 2013

Welcome to the New Home of the Boulder Colorado Flatlander Hash House Harriers!

Welcome to the web site of the Boulder, Colorado "Flatlander" Hash House Harriers! We do live trails, we have awesome circles, and sometimes the circle is just a hair longer than the trail. See the song book and bring your best verses for Yogi Bear, Chicago, Mobile, and more. Trails are $7, which gets you PBR and sometimes much more at beer check, PBR and good beer at circle, and sometimes jello shots. Sometimes.

We welcome virgins and visitors! Come visit. We'll be gentle.

We hash Fridays at 6 PM or Saturdays at 2 every other week. Check the calendar for the upcoming hashes.

We've had an active mailing list for years ( . Go there to join that list, though everything on there related to schedule hashes will be here, and on the calendar (see menu).

See also the Facebook page.

(This is the old site: