Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Next hash: Friday March 14th! Deep returns!

Details to be revealed...don't miss this All Deep All the Time Hare/RA Combo!

It is rumored but not yet confirmed that Deep will do something both alluring and disturbing while in circle.

Deep and Mr Face hares
What: BFHHH #349
When: Fri Mar 14 @ 6pm Hares: Deep & Mr Face 
Where: Community Plaza Shopping Center, North Boulder D'Erections: https://goo.gl/maps/YYXr5 
Hash Cash: $7 (USD) w/exact change, $10 w/o
Dogs: Yes Bring: Warm clothes, headlamps, thermos of warm beverage. (Outdoor circle. Weather looks good, but it's March.) D'Tails: 
This will be like a Shit & Chacockqua trail, only laid better. And shorter. Mr Face is bringing virgins, so don't forget your condoms.

It is rumored but not yet confirmed that Deep will do something both alluring and disturbing while in circle.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

New Songs in Very Small Chunks

I've created a page here which I'll be updating periodically. It's a way to introduce new songs in small chunks. Please post your own suggestions in the comments on that page.

Monday, February 10, 2014

BFHHH hash 348: THURSDAY 2/13/2014, 6:30PM, at Post Brewery in Lafayette, indoor circle

And now for something completely different! Special weeknight Flatlander hash! Get warmed up for Valentine's Day, enjoy a Boulder County full moon hash.

When: Thursday February 13th, 5 PM prelube, 6:30 PM trail. 
Trail: Short and tight and firm, just in time for VD. Marked with HUGE dollops of flour. BRING YOUR HEADLAMP.
Where: The new Post brewery in Lafayette   105 West Emma St., Lafayette, CO • 303-593-2066.   The Jump bus leaving at 5:17 from the downtown Boulder bus station will get you there at 6, just get off near Emma and Baseline and walk a block west.

Hares: G4 and Pod
Why: Cuz why not? And to try it out. And it's full moony.
RA: Might be G4. Might be Pod. Might be Muffet.  We'll sing up a storm. 
How much? $5 plus cash for prelube and on trail.
Circle. Inside. Definitely.
Dogs: If they can sit outside periodically, sure. 
ID on trail? Yes. Bring your ID and cash on trail. 


Also bring: The noble head of an eagle, the sensuous body of a Russian police choir member, and two vast and trunkless legs of stone.