Thursday, July 9, 2015

2015 Fortlander Campout

Fortlander Campout Hash August 14th - 16th

We had an awesome time last year, so we're doing it again! Same general area, the spot is a couple miles northwest of the previous spot for access to new shiggy.

$20 per person as usual to be paid to Deep for beer.

Directions appear at the end of this post.

RSVP : Please RSVP on the Facebook event if you're coming so we can plan beer. Contact (g4) if you can't use that RSVP.

Food  Bring your own food, no planned group dinners, but everyone is welcome to bring stuff to share. Bring a stove, or just some sandwich meat, or castiron to cook over the fire.  

Everyone is welcome! This is officially a combo Flatlander and Fort Collins combo campout hash--twice the kennel for four times the fun! But as always, all hashers are super duper welcome.


Friday night: Get there when you can; G4 and the Green Pussy and Just RJ will be there Thursday night. There'll be a fun little short-ass hash Friday evening like usual, suitable for carrying drinks on trail. Hare: G4 or a Fort Collins hare to be named later. (Volunteers?)

Saturday day: long-ass awesome hash through the tundra and the desert and the rainforest. Hares: Deep and G4.

What to pack  Everything you need cuz it's not a campground. Wood, ice, and water. Bring a tent. A few pairs of extra shoes. Earplugs. A waterproof merkin. The usual.

Families  It will be the usual vigorously decadent camping experience; however there are surrounding small campable spots so that if you want to come up with your children and pop in and out when it's safe for everyone to do so, feel free. Friday til 3-5 or so will be low key.




The dirt road is manageable for normal cars.

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