Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Boulder Flatlander-Fort Collins Combo Campout Hash August 15th - 17th

Boulder Flatlander-Fort Collins Combo Campout Hash August 15th - 17th

Save the date, put it on your calendars! It's the Boulder Flatlander Campout Hash! August 15-17th 2014 in a NEW LOCATION! North of the Vedauwoo general area, off in a secluded camping area  It's very pretty--rock outcroppings, ponds, creek, trees, etc. Deep and G4 are very excited. Also...very easy to find.

CHECK JUST IN CASE THE SITE NEEDS TO BE CHANGED: The brown sign just off highway 210 on the left, where it says to turn in the directions below.

The dirt road for the final approach isn't great but it's definitely manageable driven slowly. Until the last half mile, its all paved road.

Directions appear at the end of this post.

RSVP : Please RSVP here so we can plan the amount of beer. Add a comment with your name. You can log in with your google account or just be creepily anonymous and leave your hash name. ;)
Food  Bring your own food, no planned group dinners, but everyone is welcome to bring stuff to share. Bring a stove, or just some sandwich meat, or castiron to cook over the fire. (Assuming there are no fire bans.)

Everyone is welcome! This is officially a combo Flatlander and Fort Collins combo campout hash--twice the kennel for four times the fun! But as always, all hashers are super duper welcome.


Friday night: Get there when you can; G4 and the Green Pussy and Just RJ will be there Thursday night. There'll be a fun little short-ass hash Friday evening like usual, suitable for carrying drinks on trail. Hare: G4 or a Fort Collins hare to be named later. (Volunteers?)
Saturday day: long-ass awesome hash through the tundra and the desert and the rainforest. Hares: Deep and G4.

What's it like  It's not windy in the summer, we've been assured, and there's the North Crow rec area with WATER!! So bring your little boats and your fishin' poles and your swimmin' trunks. (Swimming not exactly allowed but our impression is there isn't Extreme Enforcement.) And of course, climbers and boulderers bring your harnesses and ropes. Also, bringing your climbing equipment. ;)

What to pack  The Green Pussy and Just RJ are bringing a lot of ice, wood, and water, and G4's bringing Duraflames but those are things we really don't want to run out of so it can't hurt to bring more wood, ice, and water. Bring a tent. Extra shoes. Earplugs. A waterproof merkin. The usual.




1. Go north to Cheyenne on I25, then west toward Laramie on 80.
2. Take exit 323.
3. Taken Happy Jack/Highway 210 7.7 miles.
4. At dirt road 701 on the left, there are two dirt roads. Take the right-facing one about a half mile. Campsite is on the left.


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